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Living Well: Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary

We at Bisou Bridal believe that by having fun, working hard, and being a team player allow us to reach and exceed our goals! We feel the same about health and fitness! By having fun and working out with your best friends one can stay on track in staying energized and healthy.

We believe that no bride should be taking drastic measures to feel their personal best on their big day. Planning a wedding is stressful enough and limiting yourself to a strict diet and exercise routine that you dread, is by no means something that you want to add to your plate. We get so many brides and their friends asking us questions regarding local professionals in the fitness industries. In our search for places we would like to work out we found Eastwood Cycle. We asked owner Jillian Sheridan some questions regarding indoor cycling and why its such a great workout for you and your friends!

From Jillian:

We created Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary to be a true sanctuary for our riders. A place where you find peace, you love to sweat, and a community you feel a part of. Eastwood is not just a destination – it’s a journey.

BB: Why is indoor cycling a great work out?

JS: It’s an incredible, intensive (sweaty) cardio work out that is low impact. We also incorporate weights and upper body strength building so it’s a full body work out. The fact that you’re in & out and ready to take on the day all within 45 minutes is also a huge plus!

BB: Do you have any tips for staying motivated to meet your fitness goals.
JS:How the workout makes you feel is what should be the motivator. The benefits of our classes go beyond how you feel on the outside. The flood of endorphins after a class and the peace of mind that washes over should be your number one motivator. Find what makes you feel alive, what makes you happy, and what makes you a better person inside and out. When you find that – hold onto it. Your fitness goals will come easier than ever imagined.BB: What should beginners new to indoor cycling know and prepare for.JS: Everyone is welcome, the class is designed for you – you control the tension. The consoles on our bikes measure watts, RPM’s (revelations per minute), calories, and kilometers, they are a great tool to set goals and bench marks. Everyone has a different fitness level so do what’s right for you but be truthful with yourself. Results come from hard work! Get ready to sweat and lose yourself in the beat of the music. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: before, during, & after. We also have a stretch zone we encourage riders to use before and after class for extra stretching outside of what is offered.BB: Do you recommend certain classes for beginners.JS: We always have a full team on staff ready to set up beginners. There’s a lot of info so it can be daunting during a first class. Come 20 minutes early so there’s ample time to set up, change, explore our studio, and get bike fit. All classes (with the exception of The Cyclist) are suitable for beginners. We always have a variety of intermediate riders and new riders in our classes.BB: Any other tips you would like to provide would be greatly appreciated!

JS: Our bikes are completely adjustable to fit your body so bike fit is extremely important. If you’re not fit properly it can effect your entire ride. We have systems in place to ensure no new rider starts without the proper attention given but don’t be shy to reach out to one of our team members if you have any questions or concerns about how you’re set up.

Looking to book in group sessions:

As of late we have been setting up group bookings and private rides for entire bridal parties and guests. It’s a fun way to get fit with your close friends and family! Call us at the studio to inquire about booking in a group and rates for private rides.

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary

154 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC