Monique Lhuiluer

ML_BannerMonique Lhuillier is the epitome of romanticism. In her designs, she has perfected the art of bringing a modern sophistication to the most classic bridal styles. Her collection is broad- ranging from simple silhouettes to opulent ballgowns, and is marked by her signature handling of lace. Gowns are soft and romantic, subtle in their sexuality, and always breathtaking in style. They are sought out by fashion-forward women, who put an emphasis on looking and feeling luxurious.

The styles currently featured in-store are from Monique’s Spring 2016 collection. Inspired by the fairytale, “Alice in Wonderland”- the dresses explore feelings of fantasy, curiosity and sensuality. In dreamy shades of peach, blush and ivory, brides will swoon over buoyant layers of tulle, shimmery floral details, and the lightest of appliqués! The most sensational designs are those that are barely there- from delicate spaghetti straps, illusion necklines and even a few side cut-outs.

Signature Collection ~ Prices Range from: $7,000-$13,000
Platinum Collection ~ Prices will start at: $13,000+