Lee Petra Grebenau


lee-bannerBisou is thrilled to announce the partnership with Lee Petra Grebenau!  Launched in 2011, the collection has quickly become one of Israel’s most prestigious fashion brands!  Gowns are instantly recognizable for their hand-embroidered details and meticulous, haute couture tailoring.  Made only of the finest fabrics and materials, gowns from this design house are the epitome of high end luxury!

For her 2017 collection, Lee was inspired by Swan Lake- from the ballerinas to their lavish costumes.  Opulent gowns capture the graceful feminity of the dancers in delicate shades of porcelain pink and pale rose gold, while intricate beading twinkles as only center stage lighting can!  Incredibly romantic with a dash of drama and plenty of seductive details, this breathtaking collection will capture the heart of gentle, fashion-forward brides!

Coming Soon ~ Dresses arrive Spring 2017!

Prices Range from: $9,000 – $13,000