Bisou Goes to NYC: Jenny Packham – Spring 2016


Bisou’s fashionistas are in New York City this week as the top designer’s present their collections for Spring 2016!  Day one is a marathon: show after show after show!  The evening started as every Friday night should- with glitz and glam, as Jenny Packham presented her sparkly vision for Spring 2016!


Just as we expected (and just what we love), Jenny offered up her tried-and-true mix of glam details and boho silhouettes.  Slinky sheaths glittered from top to bottom while softer, billowy skirts were made bold by decadent Swarovski crystal details on the bodice.



We noticed a regal quality to the collection as embellishment felt a little less vintage and more majestic.  This was also reflected in silhouette as Jenny played with voluminous skirts in addition to the columns she’s known for.  Dresses were romantic, with a sophisticated confidence that was undeniably fit for a queen!


And how appropriate- that royal stately air, as Jenny was inspired by William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Nights Dream” and surely the fairy queen, Titania, herself!  In breezy skirts, crystal foliage, flowers, feathers, and pretty pastels, we watched as the sprightly whimsy of this classic fairy tale came to life.  While we know our brides will continue to love Jenny’s signature sparkle, we suspect a swath of ethereal brides will be drawn to the Spring 2016 collection as well!