Bisou Bride: Tiffany!

BBride_TiffanyM_010BBride_Tiffany_005It’s not uncommon for brides to come in with a vision.  They’ve imagined their wedding day, they’ve pictured their dress, and they know just what they’re looking for.  But sometimes they can’t find it.  Tiffany found herself in just this spot.  When she came to see us, she’d hit a bit of a wall: the dresses she’d picked out weren’t available in Vancouver, and she hadn’t been able to find anything similar.  She was at a bit of a loss.  After trying several gowns here, we asked her to trust us as we went a very unconventional route.  We were in the unique position of working with a local designer, Lillen, who would allow us to customize.  Within their collection, they had all the elements of what Tiffany was looking for, but not in one singular dress.  So we had her put on two dresses at a time- mixing and matching, folding bodices down, playing with skirts until we had just the right combination.  We sketched it our for her, and in the end Lillen made her her dream dress!  It was a leap of faith.  Tiffany trusted us and had enough of a vision to order a dress that she’d never fully seen or tried on… and it was perfect.  Sometimes you simply have to trust your heart and trust your vision.  We want to thank Tiffany for putting her trust in us, and for allowing us to be a part of her big day.  It was a truly unique experience, and one of the most special things that we have been a part of!  And we couldn’t have wished it for a more lovely bride!  -xoxo

The Details ~

Bride & Groom: Tiffany & Kanaiya

Wedding Date: July 29th, 2015

Venue: Brock House in Vancouver, BC

Photographer: The Nickersons

Dress: Custom Design by Bisou Bridal in collaboration with Lillen

Hair & Make-Up: Faye Smith Makeup & Hair

Flowers: Flower Factory